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NAME: David Wu

AGE: 35

ETHNICITY: Half-Chinese, Half-Filipino

MY MUSICAL ROLES: Pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, producer, arranger, freelance music reviewer/columnist

STYLES: R&B, hip-hop, rock, classical, spiritual

- Bachelor of science degree in engineering (technical writing) - University of Washington (1996-2000)
- Electrical engineering major - Seattle Pacific University (current)

MUSIC EDUCATION: Private piano lessons (1983-1996); music minor at University of Washington (1996-2000)

INFLUENCES: R.E.M., Beatles, Doors, Jackson 5, Blondie, Mozart, Nirvana


I run an existential music career that remains to this day irreverent to norms, and antipodal to most. My goal is to compose, perform and produce music that can make you feel good - music that can help, heal, inspire, and perhaps help bring you closer to the Lord.


There are probably a dozen 3 years old or younger who you know that show a distinct fascination with music. They will bang their hands on a piano because something compels them to do it. You know what I’m talking about. In 1979, I was one of these kids.

Then in 1983, just before I turned 5 years old, I was enrolled in private piano lessons under the superb instruction of Mr. John Van Lierop, Jr. I ended up taking lessons until my senior year in high school (1996), and along the way I experienced and performed the music of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Brahms, just to name a few.

To practice, memorize, and perform diverse and complex sets of repertoires year after year, I subconsciously developed habits in self-discipline and persistence that have had effects in other aspects of my life. In many ways, my musical output from this timeframe can't be rivaled, yet has been sadly overlooked.

Besides concert music, I grew up listening to a lot of oldies from the 50s, 60s and 70s, in a diverse array of genres from rock to country. For instance, by the end of fifth grade (1989), I knew all 200+ Beatle songs by heart.

In 1994, I started experimenting with hip-hop, attempting to create instrumentals even with some not-up-to-date technology. There is a huge group of friends and acquaintances out there who think this is the only thing I do in music.

From 1993-2007, I was the English service and choir pianist of Seattle's Beacon United Methodist Church. It was a mostly pleasant timeframe - I currently hold the record for the church's longest paid tenure - but towards the end I grew tired of the weekly routine. I have also played keyboards in a diverse array of Christian worship bands around Seattle.

In 2000, my dream of becoming a songwriter finally came true. Since then, my songwriting has evolved, and so has my audio production capability. I have been producing songs and albums on a fairly regular basis, and also play in rock bands once in a blue moon.

Also, on the side, I am a freelance music writer. It's fun to interview musicians (especially in person), and to have an audience for my musical perspectives.

  • 1st Place, Papuri! Northwest Songwriting Contest, song: "If I Can Move the Mountains," 2003
  • Washington State Scholarship (4 years paid tuition to University of Washington), 1996

  • R.E.M. (1999, 2003, 2004, 2008)
  • Ray Charles (2002)
  • Boyz II Men (1995)
  • Blondie (2007)
  • Simon & Garfunkel (2003)
  • The Everly Brothers (2002, 2003)
  • Wynton Marsalis (2004)
  • The Minus 5 (2003, 2008)
  • Wilco (2003)
  • Fleet Foxes (2008)
  • Modest Mouse (2008)
  • Brandy (1995)
  • Over the Rhine (2008)

  • Jackie Chan
  • Peter Buck of R.E.M.
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Kevin Thornton of Color Me Badd
  • Joshua Jackson
  • John Noble
  • Jasika Nicole
  • Kirk Acevedo
  • Lance Reddick
  • Jeff Pinkner
  • Tim Noah

  • Has perfect pitch
  • Can solve Rubik's Cube in 90 seconds (average)
  • Member of 3-time-championship dodgeball team The Shooting Cheneys, who rode a 28-game winning streak to two consecutive undefeated seasons as part of a 40-1-1 record in 2008
  • Batted for an .818 average and .875 on-base percentage in 2004 softball season

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