This trilogy of recordings was indeed Isaac Gambito’s first significant venture into recording, with David Wu having the honor of producing (as well as playing all of the instruments in) all 3 tracks. They are presented here for the very first time in the same package, featuring the recording of “Hallelujah” which had been sitting on the shelf for five years.

Recorded in 2013 (before Isaac’s voice became much lower), the first two tracks featured vocals recorded off-site by Isaac’s father-slash-manager Omar Gambito, while “Hallelujah” was recorded entirely in WuCasa Studio.

While “Some Nights” and “When I Was Your Man” were released in various other projects, it was “Hallelujah” that was delayed due to Isaac’s brother Nico’s incessant remarks during several takes. Now, after filtering out Nico, and adding a bit of strings near the end, “Hallelujah” is now ready to be heard.

Produced by David Wu