After the band was announced, six agonizingly long minutes elapsed before the first strains of “Sunday Morning” were heard. But once Location 10 kicked into gear, it drew a crowd.

People walking to and from the Pista Sa Nayon mainstage at Seward Park could not miss the great soundwaves coming from the Ihaw Ihaw Jam stage, and many who were about to leave the premises stopped to listen to the music. Location 10, which consists of a selection of musicians who play in other bands, blistered through their five songs to a crowd of about 175-200 at the time.

The band was in cover song mode (as were most of the bands at this event), including three from No Doubt’s 1996 album Tragic Kingdom. This release marks their first live record, and also happens to be the first and only audio release from the entire history of Ihaw Ihaw Jam.


  • Cathy Sanko: vocals (Tracks 1-3)
  • Way: vocals (Tracks 4-5)
  • Kris Capiendo: bass guitar
  • Chris Sanko: lead guitar
  • Chelsea: guitar (Track 5)
  • David Wu: keyboards (Tracks 1-4)
  • Roy: drums