It was 2010, and by now 4 years had passed since David Wu last released original material. That changed with this album, featuring 10 original compositions for piano, and the album became arguably the centerpiece for in its early stages.

The songs feature David at a compositional peak, alternating between blurred lines of structure and improvisation. Somehow, the songs work together to tell the story of someone (David?) and his musical journey, in the metaphor of a space shuttle about to land and move on to new phases. Many listeners focused on the first track, “Serenity of the 3rd Kind,” named so due to the song’s intense usage of third intervals. Some of the tracks (“False Awakening,” “Charmed Life” and “Feel Now the Future”) were taken from auditions for a film score that never transpired.

All of the recordings on this album are linear performances, without overdubbing or splicing, and many are in fact first takes. And so the album is raw yet polished, simple yet sophisticated, and 100% David Wu.

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