This 1996-1997 compilation is an audio snapshot of my freshman year at the University of Washington, during which time I frequented many college-age Asian-American Christian fellowships around the Seattle area.  On many occasions, I served as a keyboardist in worship bands – and amidst practice sessions and impromptu worship moments in my apartment room, I had the good sense to hit RECORD a few times.

This is not a typical Christian music album, whose quirks and wrong takes are usually left on the cutting room floor.  Not only that, this was the analog cassette tape age, before digital recording became the norm for home recordings.  These performances are raw, real, and unpolished – recorded straight through in single takes, with no need nor desire to re-record for “correction”.

Lastly, for those of you who are on this record, and for those of you who were part of that period – this album is for you especially.
Compiled and Produced by David Wu