And so it began.  What started as a 2-song joke would eventually evolve into a full-fledged series-spanning 100-song epic, and a slew of stories.  These were the early days of The Fringemunks, and the premise was as clever as it was simple:  recap each episode of Fringe with a song parody, sung (somewhat) in the style of Alvin & the Chipmunks.

For the most part, each song was recorded and released within a few days after the corresponding episode aired, from 2008-2009.  The one main exception occurred well after the season ended:  “Unearthed” (technically a Season 1 episode that aired during Season 2) provides a noteworthy “encore” to the primary 20 songs.

This album is a feat in filk music, and it kicked off what was and still could be the franchise project of (and biggest draw to)
All Production, Parody Lyrics, Vocals
and Instrument Performances by David Wu

Download Full Album (114.23 MB) Lyrics