Age 32 – looking back ten years later, I can report that it was a prolific year in both life and career.  Going back to school was not yet on my mind.  But I was intentional about determining what the 2010s decade would entail for me.

My grandfather (Papang) was in the hospital around Christmas in 2010.  I remember hearing that my Aunt Olive played for him this mini-album of odd rarities of non-related tunes while he was in the hospital.  These songs for the most part have nothing to do with Christmas – only that I stuck Christmas-y titles on them.  Apparently Papang liked this collection.

“Nativity” was actually a song I composed for a friend’s film score.  The film was not completed.  “Cheap Stocking Stuffer” was a theme song I wrote for a friend’s podcast that never happened.  I threw in my 2007 holiday-era single, “You Are the Woman”, into the album to give it more listens.  The other songs were odds-and-sods selections from that year.

David Wu
19 DEC 2020
Produced by David Wu

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