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- Epis. 5.01: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
- Epis. 5.02: In Absentia
- Epis. 5.03: The Recordist
- Epis. 5.04: The Bullet that Saved the World
- Epis. 5.05: An Origin Story
- Epis. 5.06: Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found
- Epis. 5.07: Five-Twenty-Ten
- Epis. 5.08: The Human Kind
- Epis. 5.09: Black Blotter
- Epis. 5.10: Anomaly XB-6783746
- Epis. 5.11: The Boy Must Live
- Epis. 5.12: Liberty
- Epis. 5.13: An Enemy of Fate

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EPISODE 5.03: THE RECORDIST - The Fringemunks
Parody of "Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-Las
Music composed by George Morton, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich
Parody Lyrics, All Instruments and Production by David Wu

((Hey, there's the kid who makes those Fringe Division
comic books - let's talk to him.))
((River, is Edwin Massey your father?)
((Will you be seeing him tonight?))
((By the way, what's his story?))

The baldies had invaded us
My dad became a refugee - you get the picture?
((Yes, we see))
Soon he turned into the lead historian

To record big events, he used data cubes
((Cubes, cubes))
To keep our history from being rewritten by those boobs
((What's the deal with all those bark-like scabs on all of you?))
After we settled, our skin was scabbin'
We weren't quite sure what happened
But he said we should stay here
The lead historian

The Fringe team showed up right out of the blue
A videotape had led them to these Pennsylvania woods
((Walter, Liv, Peter, and Etta Bishop too))
And I was so proud to show them
The comic books I've made about them
Olivia Dunham
Gave me her autograph!

Astrid checked in from the lab with a report
She said a nearby mine contains an energy source
((This M-I-N-E now contains red quartz crystals))
But for anyone who enters
This energy nerve center
His scabs would grow and cause
Immediate paralysis

My dad showed the team a hologram
Of Donald - a dark-haired late 30s man
((He was waiting for a Boston scientist))
In the mine, reddish rocks he gathered
He was captured by two invaders
Walter doesn't remember
This Donald guy at all

Etta said we're being tracked by the Loyalist dudes
Walter needs copper for a protective suit
My dad said a camp nearby has some
We've got antibiotics for a swap
But they won't trade with
Anyone they don't know

My dad asked the Fringe team to leave town
All so the archive could not be found
He was scared, he admitted to me
He just didn't want to lose me
But he changed his mind and
He wants to do his part

But they had no copper at the other camp
My dad just pretended they did
He tricked the Fringe team to buy some time
He retrieved the crystals from the mine

((No no no no no no no))
((Dad! Dad! Dad! No! Dad! No! Noooo!!!))

I felt so helpless there as I cried
I saw my dad's corpse way down in the mine
He sacrificed himself, selflessly
The recorder of history made history
My dad was a hero
The lead historian


The recordist - my dad is gone
((No no no no no no))
The recordist - my dad is gone
The recordist - my dad is gone
((No no no no no no))
The recordist - my dad is gone
The recordist - my dad is gone
((No no no no no no))
The recordist - my dad is gone
The recordist - my dad is gone
((No no no no no no))
The recordist - my dad is gone
The recordist - my dad is gone

EPISODE 5.09: BLACK BLOTTER - The Fringemunks
Parody of "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
Music composed by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Parody Lyrics, All Instruments and Production by David Wu

I took some LSD, I called it "Blotter, Black"
All to recall the plan before my old self comes back
I see a flying pixie in her dusty glow
I can't decode the signal on the transistor radio

I see my dead lab assistant, Carla Warren
She's there to haunt me about how I was back then
My secret notebook in a floor tile, she helped me find
It contains ideas she'd wanted to burn, on the night she died

Anil helped us trace the signal to Connecticut
They find bones of an Observer and two Loyalists
In an RV, they find Sam Weiss's skeleton (yeah! woo!)
The signal's originating from a nearby island

We find the child Observer living with an old couple
The husband demands the password that Donald put into the code
In a psychedelic fantasy, the password came back
The second word is "umbrella," the 1st word is "black"

The child is mute, he hasn't aged, and they call him "Michael"
Donald had brought him there more than 20 years ago
They let us take the child, who seems to remember us (including Olivia!)
He experiences time differently like the other Observers

Black Blotter, Black Blotter, Black Blotter, Blotter, Black
Black Blotter, Black Blotter, Black Blotter, Blotter, Black

I'm burning up my notebook in a bowl
But it's too late, I remember it all
Carla says that I've been him longer than I've been me
I'm trippin' on Black Blotter, Blotter, Blotter,
Blotter Black, yeah! (yeah!)

Mmm... Black Blotter, Black Blotter, Blotter, Black
Blotter, Blotter, Black Blotter, Black Blotter
Black Blotter...

Black Blotter!

EPISODE 5.10: ANOMALY XB-6783746 - The Fringemunks
Parody of "867-5309/Jenny" by Tommy Tutone
Music composed by Alex Call & Jim Keller
Parody Lyrics, All Instruments and Production by David Wu

Michael, Michael, the child Observer has no tech
No scar tissue on the back of his neck
I left my office to call Olivia in private
Said I have an Ecog halo to read into his head

Windmark and others used special tech
They analyzed my office glass
They heard me mention the child Observer
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)

I led the Bishops, Olivia, and Michael
To an old Massive Dynamic black lab
It is now used by the Resistance
Observer corpses in experiments

We can't get into Michael's mind
We need him to read ours instead
We need one more Ecog halo to connect with
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)

They got it, Liv/Walter/Peter got it
Another Ecog in the Ministry
Where, at the same time, Dr. Darryl Hastings
Was interrogated by Windmark

I called Olivia for one last time
She told me I've been compromised
Michael touched my face, then I looked surprised
Surveillance feed showed Windmark was outside
I hid Michael - kept him out of sight
Windmark and his men, they came inside

Windmark said the "child" is actually 
A genetic anomaly
Designate: Progeny XB-
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)
6-7-8-3-7-4-6 (6-7-8-3-7-4-6)

He was scheduled to be destroyed
But they had lost track of the boy
I said that Observers tilt their heads that way
It's like a lizard reflex, involuntary
Although the Observers had evolved
Primitive instincts, they unknowingly honed
I told Windmark he's the real animal
Soon, Walter will know that September is Donald

Then I pointed my gun to my head and ...
((gun blast))

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