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The Fringemunks are a music group created by Seattle musician David Wu in 2008 consisting of three “cloned” anthropomorphic chipmunks: Feebo, Notchy and Pie. They are known mostly for recapping all episodes of Fox television series “Fringe” with song parodies. Fans from around the world have hailed this as one of the most unique TV-related fan projects of all time. “Utterly brilliant, awesome, hilarious!” says former “Fringe” co-showrunner and executive producer Jeff Pinkner.

The voices of the group, which itself is a parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks, are all performed by Wu, who speeds up the playback of his voice to create higher-pitched voices. For their songs, Wu performs all of the instruments (heard in real-time) and writes the parody lyrics.

The group’s main output consists of five albums, one for each season of “Fringe”. They also have an album entitled “Bloody Rare,” which compiles outtakes and rarities.

Besides making “Fringe” songs, the Fringemunks also gained some viral exposure in 2010 with “The iPad Song”, a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” that criticized the first version of the iPad. Its music video became a trending topic across the USA after actress Alyssa Milano plugged it on Twitter.

• Completed/Released Fringe Songs: 90
• Pending Fringe Songs: 10




  • “Made me laugh!” – Alyssa Milano
  • “Utterly brilliant, awesome, hilarious!” – Jeff Pinkner, former Fringe co-showrunner & executive producer
  • “Incredibly well done!” – J.R. Orci, Fringe writer & supervising producer
  • “Infectious!”
  • “As far as parodies go – creatively, this is far beyond anything I have ever heard!” – Megan Maloney, co-host of Following the Pattern with Megan and Jennifer
  • “Would make a cool DVD extra!” – Darrell Darnell, co-host of The Fringe Podcast
  • “This has to be the single greatest fan project ever!” – Mr.Smiley4,
  • “It makes me smile every time.” – Courtney Weymouth, The Fringe Podcast
  • “Absolutely made my day. Pure genius.” – Dark Side,
  • “Awesome stuff! The Kanye West parody is my favorite!” – Adele Walsh, Fringe Dwellers podcast
  • “Brilliant man, just brilliant!” – D-Roc, administrator of
  • “Very clever!” – Wayne Henderson, co-host of FRINGEcasting with Wayne and Dan
  • “It’s everything that is good about the Internet!”The Blowhard Experiment podcast
  • “Helps enhance my Fringe viewing experience exponentially!” – Jennifer Cifuentes, co-host of Following the Pattern with Megan and Jennifer
  • “Each one is better than the last!” – Methos08, YouTube
  • “It takes a really creative and skilled mind … to assemble it from the wonderfully complex story of Fringe!” – Levi Bethune, co-host of The Fringe Report
  • “Hilarious and amazingly accurate!” – Maddy815, YouTube
  • “Sharing them with all my friends!” – Pam in Albuquerque
  • “Definitely check out the Fringemunks!”Seattle Geekly podcast



These song parodies qualify as fair use under United States copyright law, and these recordings are not for profit. The Fringemunks are NOT in any way, shape, or form affiliated with FOX, J.J. Abrams, any other persons or organizations responsible for the production of Fringe or Alvin & The Chipmunks, nor any persons or organizations involved with the original songs. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.


FRI., 9 AUGUST 2013
Song for EPIS. 4.18: EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE released. TUE., 23 JULY 2013
Song for EPIS. 4.18: THE CONSULTANT released. SUN., 21 JULY 2013
Music video (produced by David Wu) for EPIS. 4.18: THE CONSULTANT released in advance of the MP3, which was released 2 days later.Song for EPIS. 4.20: WORLDS APART released.Song for EPIS. 4.22: BRAVE NEW WORLD, PART 2 released.Song for EPIS. 3.20: 6:02 AM EST released.Song for EPIS. 4.16: NOTHING AS IT SEEMS released.Song for EPIS. 4.15: A SHORT STORY ABOUT LOVE released.Song for EPIS. 5.03: THE RECORDIST released – in glorious MONO.Song for EPIS. 4.21: BRAVE NEW WORLD, PART 1 released – on the same day as the series finale was aired.Song for EPIS. 5.10: ANOMALY XB-6783746 released.Song for EPIS. 5.09: BLACK BLOTTER released.Song for EPIS. 4.14: THE END OF ALL THINGS released.Holiday EP YULE FREAKOUT! released.BACKSTORY BALLAD (official entry to The Fringe Podcast‘s “Bridge the Backstory Contest” released.Song for EPIS. 4.13: A BETTER HUMAN BEING released.Song for EPIS. 4.12: WELCOME TO WESTFIELD released.Song for EPIS. 4.11: MAKING ANGELS released.Song for EPIS. 4.10: FORCED PERSPECTIVE released.Song for EPIS. 4.09: ENEMY OF MY ENEMY released.Song for EPIS. 4.08: BACK TO WHERE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN released.Song for EPIS. 4.07: WALLFLOWER released.Our cover of THEME FROM ESPN: FANTASY FOCUS FOOTBALL was used as the intro for the podcast by Matthew Berry and company.Song for EPIS. 4.06: AND THOSE WE’VE LEFT BEHIND released. Also released: a cover of THEME FROM ESPN: FANTASY FOCUS FOOTBALL, as part of the Bloody Rare album.Two new Christmas songs are released: BLIGHT CHRISTMAS and THE 12 DAYS OF FRINGEMAS. They are now part of the Bloody Rare album.Song for EPIS. 4.05: NOVATION released.Song for EPIS. 4.04: SUBJECT 9 released.Fringe showrunner and executive producer Jeff Pinkner voiced his approval of David Wu’s Fringemunks via Twitter, calling the project “utterly brilliant, awesome, hilarious!” Click here to view the tweet!Song for EPIS. 4.03: ALONE IN THE WORLD released.Song for EPIS. 4.02: ONE NIGHT IN OCTOBER released.Song for EPIS. 4.01: NEITHER HERE NOR THERE released.Song for EPIS. 3.18: BLOODLINE released.David Wu announced that The Fringemunks will not cease episodic song recaps, and that Season 4 album production is underway.THE BALLAD OF OREGON REP. DAVID WU released.Song for EPIS. 3.12: CONCENTRATE AND ASK AGAIN released.Song for EPIS. 3.10: THE FIREFLY released.Song for EPIS. 3.16: OS released.Song for EPIS. 3.14: 6B released.Song for EPIS. 3.13: IMMORTALITY released – stereo version made available on Season 3 album, and mono version made available on Bloody Rare.Song for EPIS. 3.17: STOWAWAY released.Song for EPIS. 3.21: THE LAST SAM WEISS released.Song for EPIS. 3.15: SUBJECT 13 released.Song for EPIS. 3.09: MARIONETTE released.Song for EPIS. 3.08: ENTRADA released.Song for EPIS. 3.07: THE ABDUCTED released.Tony Young presents “The Fringemunks Go Over There: A Review,” in which he critiques our songs that take place in the alternate universe: “Peter,” “Over There, Pt. 1,” “Over There, Pt. 2,” “Olivia,” The Plateau,” and “Amber 31422.”

UPDATE: This video footage is no longer available from SUPER BOWL XLV SONG released on Bloody Rare.Song for EPIS. 3.06: 6955 KHZ released.- David Wu joins Darrell and Clint of The Fringe Podcast to interview Fringe composer Chris Tilton. Chris discusses the process of composing for each episode, specific motifs for main characters, and some fun anecdotes about his experience working on the show. Darrell and Clint continue on to address fan feedback regarding last Friday’s episode, “Reciprocity” (#3.11).

LISTEN NOW:Download MP3Song for EPIS. 3.05: AMBER 31422 released.Song for EPIS. 3.04: DO SHAPESHIFTERS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP? released.David Wu announced via The Fringemunks’ Facebook page that episodic recap songs will no longer be produced after Season 3.Song for EPIS. 3.03: THE PLATEAU released.Song for EPIS. 3.02: THE BOX released.Song for EPIS. 3.01: OLIVIA released.Song for EPIS. 2.22: OVER THERE, PART 2 released.Song for EPIS. 2.21: OVER THERE, PART 1 released.Song for EPIS. 2.20: NORTHWEST PASSAGE released.Song for EPIS. 2.19: BROWN BETTY released.Song for EPIS. 2.18: THE MAN FROM THE OTHER SIDE released.Song for EPIS. 2.17: WHITE TULIP released.Song for EPIS. 2.16: OLIVIA. IN THE LAB. WITH THE REVOLVER. released.Song for EPIS. 2.15: PETER released.In last night’s Fringe episode “The Man From the Other Side” (Epis. 2.18), a character named “David Wu” was played by actor James Tsai. As mentioned before, the jury is out on whether this was a conscious decision made by the Fringe writers, or if it was merely a coincidence. (Check out this link to read some of the online debate!)

It was a one-off appearance for the character. It should be interesting to see how we recap the episode later on, as the opportunity to sing about “David Wu” in passing (pun intended) looms.Song for EPIS. 2.14: JACKSONVILLE released.Song for EPIS. 2.13: THE BISHOP REVIVAL released.Song for EPIS. 2.12: WHAT LIES BELOW released.Song for EPIS. 2.11: JOHARI WINDOW released.Song for EPIS. 2.10: GREY MATTERS released.David Wu participated on the Following the Pattern podcast in a special roundtable episode, along with Megan and Jennifer, Allan Pang (a.k.a. Xerophytes) of London, and Terry the Fringe Rock Star. Also, a few of our songs are featured throughout the show!

Click here to listen/download now!

Warning: Contains some explicit discussion.Song for EPIS. 2.09: SNAKEHEAD released.Song for EPIS. 2.08: AUGUST released.Our “iPad Song” (parody of “Bad” by Michael Jackson) continues to be distributed over the Internet, with over 8000 views of its music video in only 18 days.

Here is a roundup of some of the worldwide promotion:

We made Alyssa Milano laugh, according to her Twitter message to her 600,000+ followers!

And thanks to her, and to a plethora of others who retweeted her message, The Fringemunks’ “iPad Song” (and its music video) has taken the country by storm. The song was even trending on Twitter (entire United States region) for about half an hour today.

For the ‘munks, it is their most widely distributed song to date. It is also their first song about the real world, as all their parody songs up until now have been recaps of fictional storylines.Music video for THE iPAD SONG released on YouTube. Click here to watch.THE iPAD SONG released on Bloody Rare.Check out some incredible fan artwork created by Clarity Wyland a.k.a. @scifiroots! Click on the following images to view the full versions on Clarity’s deviantART website:

Epis. 1.04: The Arrival

Epis. 1.07: In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

Song for EPIS. 2.07: OF HUMAN ACTION released.Our producer David Wu filled in as co-host on The Fringe Podcast for the review of episodes “Unearthed” (1.21) and “Johari Window” (2.11). He and TFP’s Darrell Darnell discuss confusion surrounding the airing of “Unearthed,” an upcoming Fringe appearance by the actor who played RoboCop, Fringe’s ratings, and general discussion about both episodes. Click here to listen/download now!Song for EPIS. 1.21: UNEARTHED released.Our producer David Wu will be filling in as co-host on The Fringe Podcast for discussion/feedback of episodes “Unearthed” (1.21) and “Johari Window” (2.11). You can listen to and watch the podcast live – while participating via chat – on Sunday, 17 January, at 4:00 EST/1:00 PDT – click here at that time.Enjoy last night’s episode, entitled “Unearthed”? It was a Season 1 episode that was finally aired during Season 2; hence, the appearance of one of the characters who has already died off by now. Interestingly, the show is listed by FOX as Epis. 1.21, which is one after the Season 1 finale. We will still recap this episode, and it will show up in our Season 1 tracklisting. 

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According to a FOX press release, the forthcoming 22 April Fringe episode “The Man from the Other Side” (Epis. 2.18) will have a character named “David Wu.” The jury is out on whether this was a conscious decision made by the Fringe writers, or if it was merely a coincidence. (Check out this link to read some of the online debate!)

The Fringe Report is holding a contest to tie-in with the David Wu character – submit your guess as to if, when and how the character will die!

Click here to submit your guess!


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