The Fringemunks

The Fringemunks

The Fringemunks are a filk music group created by David Wu in 2008 consisting of three “cloned” anthropomorphic chipmunks:  Feebo, Notchy and Pie. They are known mostly for recapping all episodes of sci-fi TV series Fringe with song parodies. Fans from around the world have hailed this as one of the most unique TV-related fan projects of all time. “Utterly brilliant, awesome, hilarious!” says former Fringe co-showrunner and executive producer Jeff Pinkner.

The voices of this group – which itself is a parody of Alvin and the Chipmunks – are all performed by Wu, whose voice is sped up. Wu also performs all of the instruments (heard in real-time) and writes the parody lyrics.

The group’s main output consists of five albums, one for each season of Fringe. They also have an album entitled Bloody Rare that compiles outtakes and rarities.

Besides the Fringe songs, the Fringemunks also gained some viral exposure in 2010 with “The iPad Song”, a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” that criticized the first version of the iPad. Its music video trended on Twitter across the USA for about 30 minutes after actress Alyssa Milano re-tweeted it to her followers.


(The remaining albums are in the process of being repackaged.)

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  • “Made me laugh!” – Alyssa Milano
  • “Utterly brilliant, awesome, hilarious!” – Jeff Pinkner, former Fringe co-showrunner & executive producer
  • “Incredibly well done!” – J.R. Orci, Fringe writer & supervising producer
  • “Infectious!”
  • “As far as parodies go – creatively, this is far beyond anything I have ever heard!” – Megan Maloney, co-host of Following the Pattern with Megan and Jennifer
  • “Would make a cool DVD extra!” – Darrell Darnell, co-host of The Fringe Podcast
  • “This has to be the single greatest fan project ever!” – Mr.Smiley4,
  • “It makes me smile every time.” – Courtney Weymouth, The Fringe Podcast
  • “Absolutely made my day. Pure genius.” – Dark Side,
  • “Awesome stuff! The Kanye West parody is my favorite!” – Adele Walsh, Fringe Dwellers podcast
  • “Brilliant man, just brilliant!” – D-Roc, administrator of
  • “Very clever!” – Wayne Henderson, co-host of FRINGEcasting with Wayne and Dan
  • “It’s everything that is good about the Internet!”The Blowhard Experiment podcast
  • “Helps enhance my Fringe viewing experience exponentially!” – Jennifer Cifuentes, co-host of Following the Pattern with Megan and Jennifer
  • “Each one is better than the last!” – Methos08, YouTube
  • “It takes a really creative and skilled mind … to assemble it from the wonderfully complex story of Fringe!” – Levi Bethune, co-host of The Fringe Report
  • “Hilarious and amazingly accurate!” – Maddy815, YouTube
  • “Sharing them with all my friends!” – Pam in Albuquerque
  • “Definitely check out the Fringemunks!”Seattle Geekly podcast



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