To date, this is the definitive David Wu piano album, containing 10 original compositions. Features "Serenity of the 3rd Kind," "Legend and Legacy" and "Low Tide Study."

I think and dream in the English language. And in the same way, I think and dream in piano. Melodies and themes – my compositions and other people’s compositions alike – are always flowing through my mind.

This album contains my compositions for piano. I did my best to capture some of the musical ideas that have been making their way through my mind. It is a deeply personal album for me. However, I will leave it to you – the listener – to determine what each song means to you.

David Wu

[ZIP file - 41.6MB]

Produced by David Wu
Runtime: 29:00
Genre: Instrumental
Recorded: September 2009 and May 2010


All songs composed by David Wu

  1. Serenity of the 3rd Kind   [MP3]
  2. Low Tide Study   [MP3]
  3. False Awakening   [MP3]
  4. Charmed Life   [MP3]
  5. Orbiter   [MP3]
  6. Funeral for a Friend   [MP3]
  7. Segue   [MP3]
  8. Feel Now the Future   [MP3]
  9. The Descent   [MP3]
  10. Legend and Legacy   [MP3]


  • David Wu: piano, compositions, arrangements [All Tracks]


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