This album compiles worship recordings by members of the Asian-American Christian community from 1996-1997. Recorded, produced & compiled by David Wu.

This 1996-1997 compilation is an audio snapshot of my freshman year at the University of Washington.  I had the privilege of having two God-fearing roommates, whose friends and Bible study cohorts would frequently visit.  Worship music filled that Westwood apartment near the UW campus.  I had the good sense to hit “RECORD” a few times.

This network of believers provided me opportunities to immerse myself in the Asian-American Christian community at-large, as I frequently visited many college-age fellowships around the Seattle area.  That freshman year, I was able to serve as a pianist on the CoHi worship team for the high school camp.  I enjoyed seeing UW fellowships converge to the Jesus Christ is Lord praise rally at Red Square.  All the while, I knew I was amidst a milestone in my life, and I’m grateful much of this experience was captured on tape.

This is not a typical Christian music album, whose quirks and wrong takes are usually left on the cutting room floor.  Not only that, this was the analog cassette tape age, before digital recording became the norm for home recordings.  These performances are raw, real, and unpolished – recorded straight through in single takes, with no need nor desire to re-record for “correction”.

Why did I want to unearth these recordings?  These songs and captured performances are part of my history, both as a musician and as a growing Christian.  While in many ways I’ve grown much in the next two decades, I can hear the sense of wonder in the performances I’m a part of in this collection.  That Spirit-centered wonder is one that should never be lost, even with the passage of time.

Lastly, for those of you who are on this record, and for those of you who were part of that period – this album is for you especially.

David Wu


Recorded, Produced & Compiled by David Wu
Runtime: xx:xx
Genre: Christian
Recorded: 1996-1997


  1. Lord, I Want to Know You More (Steven Lee Fry)    [MP3]
  2. When I Look Into Your Holiness/In His Time (Wayne Perrin/Diane Ball)    [MP3]
  3. I Give Thanks (Brian Thiessen)    [MP3]
  4. No Diggity/Precious Cornerstone (Young/Hannibal/Riley/Stewart/Walters/ Vick/Withers/Hsu/Park)    [MP3]
  5. You Reign (Bob Branch)    [MP3]
  6. Light the Fire Again (Brian Doerksen)    [MP3]
  7. He Will Come and Save You (Bob Fitts & Gary Sadler)    [MP3]
  8. Break Dividing Walls (David Ruis)    [MP3]
  9. Yes, We All Agree (Tommy Walker)    [MP3]
  10. Hide Me in the Shelter (Scott Brenner)    [MP3]


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