It has been a year of victory, growth, loss, and accomplishments - and it went by rather quickly. The full-time work plus a grueling school schedule took up much of the year, with very little time set aside for music production. Through it all, Christ was and is still the Center. Also, if nothing else, this album shows that I'm still able to maximize the little time I do have for music work.

This Christmas album features the usual handful of holiday songs, plus a bunch of rarities, most of which haven't been heard by an audience until now. Altogether, it's probably the most polished of all my 8 annual Christmas albums to date - and you even get to hear me sing on two of the tracks!

To everyone out there: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! God bless you all. Be sure to check out the liner notes on this page!

Liner Notes:

01 – Sleigh Ride

I’ve been wanting to include this song in one of my Christmas albums for years, but I only just got around to it now. Check out my melodica solo in the bridge.

02 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I recorded this one about a month ago at around midnight, some time after I finished some homework. Not one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I figured that I could play it such a way that it was memorable. Recorded in 1 take.

03 – Mary, Did You Know?

Way back when, I was a choir pianist, and this song was one of my favorite songs to play during Advent. This is my improvised arrangement, layered with strings and some holiday guitar-like sound.

04 – White Winter Hymnal

I never liked my singing voice, but some people like it. For sure, I always “hid behind the piano” at church to prevent any chance of myself singing. Yet, one thing that I can say is that as someone with perfect pitch, I can hit the notes. Judge for yourself with this track.

Some who here this will probably say something like “Hey, that’s a Pentatonix song.” It is, but they butchered it. (Sorry to those who actually like that version.) Before that version, it was a song made famous by Fleet Foxes, a Seattle band. My performance here stays fairly true to the Fleet Foxes’ original version.

05 – Legs (ft. Chuck Inglish & Chromeo – David Wu’s Trust the Hose Remix)

Now it’s time for the rarities/bonus portion of this Christmas album. OK, “Legs.” This was from 2014, when I entered a remix contest for this song. Chuck Inglish provided everyone with isolated tracks of vocals and instruments. For this remix, I created the instrumental and beat from the ground up, without using any of the original tracks except for the strings (which I used slightly differently in the remix). That’s me (slightly slowed down) saying the “lowercase D.” My remix shows some of my old tendencies when I was once more into hip-hop production: utilizing more than one hook and more than one chord progression – and in this case, toggling back and forth between real time and cut time.

06 – Near Wild Heaven

That’s me singing again. This is a cover of an R.E.M. song. (R.E.M. and the Beatles are my two favorite bands.) Again, I’m not too keen on singing, but listen for me hitting those notes. I used to produce wanna-be boy bands who sometimes had trouble hitting their notes, and that was frustrating. (If you ever want to hear some dudes earnest praying, produce a boy band. You will hear weird prayers like “Oh Lord… Please let me hit that note in this next performance…”)

07 – All About Them Hawks (ft. The Fringemunks)

This was recorded last year during the 2014-2015 Seahawks season, and became one of the biggest hits of my side project, “The Fringemunks.” I’m including it here just for kicks. That’s me performing all the instruments and percussion, by the way.

08 – Still Crazy After All These Years

One of my favorite Paul Simon songs. You also get to hear me play the melodica again. Both the piano and melodica tracks were recorded in single takes, which I think adds to the raw quality of the track.

09 – Against All Odds

For those who follow me on Facebook, sometimes I post impromptu iPhone video footage of me playing a song on the piano. What’s great about doing that is that the song automatically becomes a potential album track, and so that’s what happened to this recording. This song in particular is one that I think of whenever school finals hit – as if I’m doing all this studying “against all odds.”

10 – Hello

Here’s another iPhone video performance. This was recorded just minutes after I heard Adele’s song for the first time, and I figured it might get some hits if I posted my own version. Unfortunately, I heard this song a week after most other people heard it for the first time, so 10 other piano versions had been posted on YouTube by the time I posted mine.

[ZIP file - 44.3 MB]

Produced by David Wu
Runtime: 30:54
Genre: Christmas
Recorded: 2014-2015


  1. Sleigh Ride
    (L. Anderson)    [MP3]
  2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    (T. Connor)   [MP3]
  3. Mary, Did You Know?
    (B. Greene)   [MP3]
  4. White Winter Hymnal
    (R. Pecknold)   [MP3]
  5. Legs (ft. Chuck Inglish & Chromeo - David Wu's Trust the Hose Remix)
    (C. Inglish / Chromeo / Remix Chords & Hooks by D. Wu)   [MP3]
  6. Near Wild Heaven
    (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)   [MP3]
  7. All About Them Hawks (ft. The Fringemunks)
    (Orig. Song "All About That Bass" composed by M. Trainor & K. Kadish)   [MP3]
  8. Still Crazy After All These Years
    (P. Simon)   [MP3]
  9. Against All Odds
    (P. Collins)   [MP3]
  10. Hello
    (A. Adkins/G. Kurstin)   [MP3]


  • David Wu: All instruments, vocals [Tracks 4, 6, 7], arrangements & production
  • Chuck Inglish: Rap [Track 5]
  • Chromeo: Vocals [Track 5]


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