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Produced by David Wu
Runtime: 11:27
Genre: Christmas
Recorded: December 18-20, 2008


  1. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
    (Public Domain)    [MP3]
  2. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
    (J. Marks)   [MP3]
  3. Silent Night
    (Public Domain / Music by F. Gruber)   [MP3]
  4. Man-Sized Christmas Wreath
    (P. Buck/M. Mills/M. Stipe)   [MP3]
  5. The Fringemunk Song (feat. The Fringemunks)
    (R. Bagdasarian / Additional lyrics by D. Wu)   [MP3]


  • David Wu: piano (Tracks 1-4), organ [Track 4], vocals/keyboards [Track 5], arrangements [All Tracks]

Christmas is here again in Seattle, and we’re in the midst of a snowstorm right now, the worst one in a long time.

And in the midst of this, here is my Christmas production; this time I went for an EP. The first three tracks are my standard piano fare: easy-listening, solemn tracks that you can listen to while staring at the fire. Track 4 is an R.E.M. cover that, in this context, pays tribute to the huge wreaths that you will see in the mall. Track 5 is a special holiday track by those cloned rascally Fringemunks.

I didn’t spend a lot of time making this, but I like it raw and unpolished (kind of like these liner notes) – and real. Merry Christmas!

David Wu


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