Here’s What Your Favorite Fringe Character Says About You

By David Wu

Who is your favorite character from the TV show “Fringe”?  Remember:  1st thought is usually best thought!  Now, read below to see what your favorite “Fringe” character says about you:


Olivia Dunham: You are a loner, you doubt yourself, but deep inside you know that you kick ass.

Peter Bishop: You spend time wishing that people love you for who you are now, not for what you once were.

Walter Bishop: With all the food you eat daily, you frequently need to take a “Massive D.”

Astrid Farnsworth: You enjoy your job, but you realize it’s more of a stepping stone than your calling.

William Bell: You’re not a Fringe fan. You are a Trekkie who watched Fringe just to check out Leonard Nimoy’s performance.

September: You can recite your favorite Fringe episodes word-for-word, going as far to state a piece of dialogue before it is even spoken. And sometimes annoyingly so.

Charlie Francis: You spend your days hoping you won’t be fired, laid off, or cremated.

Phillip Broyles: Your wife left you when you told her that you wanted to leave your six-figure job in order to become a lounge singer.

Ella: Your theme song in life is “Umbrella” by Rihanna, because you get to sing “Ella” a whole bunch of times.

Rachel: You have a crush on Ari Graynor. That must be the only reason.

Brandon Fayette: You have doubts about your job safety when you know that both the CEO and the night security watchman have been hanging out and getting stoned.

Nina Sharp: You’re not over the hill; you’re down in the valley.

Thomas Jerome Newton: You need to get a life – as much as you’ve tried, you can’t naturally induce yourself to dream about electric sheep; and even if you did, you better not tell anyone or you will be ridiculed. Try something more worthwhile, like installing a chip into your lower spine.

Lincoln Lee (Over There): You spend your days listening to R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” on repeat.

Lincoln Lee (Over Here): You have craved pecan pie since March 18, 2011.

Col. Phillip Broyles (Over There): By day, you run a tight operation at your work, and are a confident authority figure. By night, you are a family man. But deep inside, you really want to be a lounge singer.

Charlie Francis (Over There): You hope and dream for a “bug girl” to enter your life.

Walternate: You have dreamt of plugging your book “ZFT” on a popular talk show.

Fauxlivia: You can’t decide on which nickname you want friends to use for you, so you just go with all of them. And sometimes annoyingly so.

Frank Stanton: Your new life’s motto is: “Mama’s baby, Papa’s maybe.”

Astrid (Over There): You’re amazing, but you need to take time to breathe.

Brandon Fayette (Over There): You could have sworn you saw a mug appear and then disappear into thin air.

August: You will go out of your way for the person you love the most. And sometimes annoyingly so.

Roscoe Joyce: You laugh when everyone adores you when you play a bunch of random chord progressions on a piano.

Etta Bishop: You want to save the world, and you know you can.

David Robert Jones: You exclaim “Mr. Cole!” randomly, in a faux-English accent.

John Scott: You never existed.

  1. Celeste Latorre

    7 years ago

    I’m a combination of the original” Olivia Dunham” and original “Walter Bishop”. Very close to being accurate! LOL